Venison from deer killed in Ann Arbor to feed hungry

Associated Press

Ann Arbor — Venison from deer killed by sharpshooters hired to reduce the deer population in Ann Arbor parks is being processed to help feed the hungry.

The Ann Arbor News reports Howell-based Great Lakes Custom Meats and More is processing the meat, which is being delivered to Ann Arbor-based Food Gatherers, a nonprofit food rescue and food bank program serving Washtenaw County.

Over the past month, at least a few dozen deer have been killed. Officials haven’t said how much venison has gone to Food Gatherers.

Ann Arbor wants to kill at least 100 deer in city parks and nature areas by March 1. Lawsuits challenged the practice. Ann Arbor says reducing the herd will have a positive impact on other animals and the health of public land enjoyed by residents.