Weather record broken; now back to winter

Jennifer Chambers
The Detroit News

Sunday’s warm weather broke a 136-year-old record when temperatures in Metro Detroit reached a balmy 64 degrees.

The old record of 60 degrees on Feb. 28, 1880 was shattered Sunday when warm breezes blanketed the region and prompted joggers to don shorts and most Michiganders to ditch their coats.

Normal temperature is 39. Last Feb. 28, local residents saw a low of -2 in Detroit, -4 in Flint and 3 degrees in Saginaw. And on Feb. 28, 1974, a tornado hit Wayne County at 5:25 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.

The weather service called it “an impressive event to have happened in Michigan during the winter” and said it was the earliest date recorded for a tornado in southeast Michigan.

Nice weather will be short-lived, however, with a cold front moving into the area, said meteorologist Steve Considine. The cold front will kick Monday’s temperatures to the 40s.

Highs will be 29 degrees Tuesday with a low of 19; 30 degrees Wednesday, when it will be partly sunny, with a low of 17. Thursday’s high will be 28 with a low of 13.

Snow boots and snow shovels will be needed Tuesday when weather forecasters say there is a good chance of snow –– 3 to 6 inches –– in southeast Michigan.