Condition upgraded for girl wounded in Kalamazoo spree

The Detroit News

The condition of a Kalamazoo-area girl wounded during a mass shooting is improving, according to posting on her family’s GoFundMe page.

“Our girl is fighting ... and winning,” reads the post added Tuesday morning for Abigail Kopf. “Her condition has been upgraded from serious to fair!!”

Abigail, 14, was one of eight people shot Feb. 20 during a five-hour spree; six of the victims died. Jason Dalton, 45, faces 16 charges, including six counts of open murder, in connection with the mass shootings.

Despite the reported improvement in Abigail’s condition, her mother, Vickie Kopf, said in a Facebook post Tuesday morning that her daughter is still suffering and in pain.

“ ... this is so hard for me watching your daughter struggle for her life she’s got so many drugs in her they’re basically detoxing her now she shakes she’s running a fever its so hard to watch she’s in a lot of pain you want to help them and you can’t I’m so confused and all I want to do is cry,” Kopf wrote.