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Mich. mom faces charges in bedridden daughter’s death

Associated Press

Onondaga, Mich. — A Michigan woman faces felony charges after authorities determined that her 16-year-old daughter, who was born with physical and mental disabilities, died of criminal neglect.

Cari Ann Wright, 43, of Onondaga Township was charged Monday with murder, first-degree child abuse and torture in connection with her daughter’s death, the Lansing State Journal reported. She was ordered to be held without bond in the Ingham County Jail.

Medical examiners determined that Wright’s daughter, Hannah Warner, died in November 2015 from “neglect caused my malnutrition,” Ingham County Sheriff’s Detective Charles Buckland testified at the hearing. The girl weighed only 43 pounds and her death was ruled a homicide, he said.

At the hearing, Buckland told the judge that Wright was the sole caregiver for Hannah couldn’t communicate verbally and had been bedridden for most of her life, according to a court transcript.

Authorities were called to the family’s home on Nov. 17 to conduct a suspicious death investigation. When they arrived, they found the girl’s body in a bedroom where the doorway was covered in a blanket on which a note that said, “sleeping,” was attached, Buckland testified.

Buckland said it was obvious that Hannah was “gaunt” and “malnourished.” She also had large, open sores across her lower back and buttocks, and her clothing and bedding were soiled, he testified.

In the past, state Children’s Protective Services workers received complaints that Hannah wasn’t properly being cared for, but Buckland said the family wasn’t under state supervision at the time of her death.

An attorney who stood in court with Wright at her arraignment declined to comment on the case and said a court-appointed attorney will handle her defense.