System 'failed' man fatally shot by Detroit police, authorities say

Court affirms $5.2M verdict for black state troopers

Ed White
Associated Press

Detroit — The Michigan appeals court has upheld a $5.2 million verdict for two black state troopers who said they were rejected for promotion because of their race.

Darzeil Hall and Lamarr Johnson each passed special training to become firearms examiners, but they weren’t promoted within the forensic science division and returned to their previous jobs.

Michigan State Police denied any discrimination, claiming Hall and Johnson didn’t perform well on a certain assignment during the training.

But the appeals court said a Wayne County jury could infer that state police witnesses at trial had “fabricated” reasons to explain why Hall and Johnson weren’t promoted.

The 3-0 opinion was released Wednesday.

Leonard Mungo, attorney for the officers, says they’re heroes for standing up for their rights.