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5 Michigan tornadoes tallied after survey of damage

Corey Williams
Associated Press

Detroit — Weekend storms that swept across parts of southwest and west Michigan spawned at least five tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service office in Grand Rapids.

The tally was made after damage from Saturday’s tornadoes was surveyed over the past few days.

“There is a chance some additional evidence could surface that could potentially add to that tally,” meteorologist Evan Webb said Tuesday. No injuries were reported, but a number of homes and hundreds of trees were damaged.

The strongest tornado had estimated peak winds of 90 mph to 110 mph and touched down in the Van Buren County town of Bangor, southwest of Grand Rapids. It traveled about 10 miles.

“The worst of the damage was certainly in Bangor,” Webb said. “The entire town lost power. Hundreds of trees were either snapped or uprooted. A lot came down on homes, causing quite a bit of structural damage to roofs.”

A blueberry farm also suffered damage.

Another twister that struck near Fennville in Allegan County was still being investigated. Two others touched down in the Grand Rapids area, and one of those traveled a little more than five miles.

The fifth tornado tracked about eight miles in Ionia and Montcalm counties and had estimated peak winds of 90 mph.

“It brought down several large trees. One fell on a house,” Webb said. “It blew in a concrete block wall of a garage.”

Webb said storm sirens were activated, giving many people advance warnings. Local news outlets also warned of possible tornadoes.

“People were aware that this was a significant threat,” Webb added.