Michigan DNR to issue more than 200 elk hunting permits

Associated Press

Atlanta, Mich. — Michigan Department of Natural Resources biologists say hunting season is set to begin for more than 100 hunters in Montmorency, Cheboygan and Otsego counties for the annual elk hunt.

Wildlife Field Operations Manager Brian Mastenbrook tells the Alpena News over 200 elk permits will be issued for the hunt Tuesday.

Half the permits will be used this week, Mastenbrook said. The rest will be used during a hunting event planned for December.

Mastenbrook said only 100 permits have been issued in recent years. Hunters have to pay $5 to apply for a permit and an additional $100 if they’re selected in the lottery.

According to Mastenbrook, a recent survey shows there are about 1,300 elk in Michigan. A management goal for the herd is usually between 500 and 900 animals.

“People are really happy to have a license,” he said. “And they’re especially geeked because the animals are four-times the size of deer and it’s quite a bit of excitement to hunt them.”

Mastenbrook said he expects the majority of hunters to kill an elk. Last year, 99 elk were killed out of the 114 licenses issued.

Department management must check any elk for diseases such as bovine tuberculosis.