Michigan brewery, bakery tap doughnuts for 2 new brews

Associated Press

Clare — A northern Michigan brewery has paired with a bakery to create two new doughnut-infused beers.

The Morning Sun reports that Four Leaf Brewing’s head brewmaster Doug Maxon decided to experiment with doughnuts after a fellow brewmaster suggested he take advantage of the doughnut shop, called Cops & Doughnuts.

“At first it was kind of a joke,” Maxon said. “Then the more we thought about it, we said ‘why not?’”

A partnership was formed to create Hoppy Cop and its cold-steeped sibling Coffee Cop, both multi-brown British ales sweetened with glazed doughnuts.

The beers were unveiled Wednesday. Only four kegs were brewed, but Maxon said more will be made as an occasional specialty beer.

While doughnut shop president Greg Rynearson said Maxon used a scientific formula to determine how many doughnuts should be added to the brew, brewery owner Amy Shindorf admitted a few of the two dozen used to create the beers were eaten during the process.

Cops & Doughnuts had previously attempted to launch a non-alcoholic beer, but the venture didn’t turn out because research indicated the only breweries that make non-alcoholic beer are the large, commercial brands.