Officer not charged for wounding teen during attack

Associated Press

Muskegon — No charges will be filed against a Muskegon police officer who shot and wounded a knife-wielding 15-year-old girl as she tried to attack a 16-year-old boy. reports that Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson made the announcement earlier this week and said evidence showed the officer was justified in shooting the teenager to prevent her from assaulting the teen boy.

Hilson played the 911 calls at the Tuesday news conference.

Dispatch calls indicate Officer Doug Conrad was called to the apartment complex on Aug. 12 by the teen boy, who was hiding in a bathroom. He told the dispatcher the teen girl had cut him with a knife.

Video from the police cruiser shows Conrad walking up to the apartment when the boy emerges fleeing from the pursuing girl, Hilson said. The officer repeatedly warned the girl before he fired four times. She was struck in the leg. The officer then went to the injured teen and rendered aid, the video shows.

The girl was treated at a hospital for her injuries and released a few hours later.

“It is truly fortunate that this young lady was shot in the leg,” Hilson said.

She has been charged in Muskegon County juvenile court with assault with a dangerous weapon.

Ten days before the shooting, a Muskegon Heights police officer had responded to a disturbance and found the girl trying to punch the same boyfriend and then strike him with an open hand, according to the dispositional report.

Muskegon Police Chief Jeffrey Lewis says the officer will remain on administrative leave until the city completes an internal review of the incident.