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Mich. man abandons dome home dream due to money woes


Forest Township — Financial realities have forced a Flint-area man to abandon his dream of finishing a dome home.

Wayne Price, 60, holds the blueprints of the 4,650 square feet concrete monolithic dome he was in the processes of building.

Wayne Price said he is selling the monolithic domed structure in Genesee County’s Forest Township for $150,000 after sinking roughly $200,000 into the project over 16 years. He estimates the rising cost of building supplies will send the cost of finishing the project up to half a million dollars, he told The Flint Journal.

“It broke me,” said Price, who added that a divorce has added to his dome-related woes. “People that are in construction all know when I say that materials tripled.”

The concrete dome, which was supposed to have three floors and more than 4,500 square feet of living space, has been wired for electricity and has plumbing installed. Price said the dome has been for sale for nearly two months and that several people have come to look but no one has made an offer. He hopes to avoid foreclosure.

Price is selling the unfinished monolithic domed structure for $150,000 after he estimates sinking roughly $200,000 in the project over 16 years.

The sale price includes a heated floor system, barn and surrounding 4.5 acres.

“I hate to give up,” he said. “It’s just too hard to hang on to it, and I don’t know how I can come up with the money to finish it.”