Detroit News staff finalists in APME newspaper contest

Associated Press

Detroit — Finalists have been announced in the Michigan Associated Press Media Editors 2016 newspaper contest, with The Detroit News staff eligible in 10 categories.

The awards in actual order of finish — first, second or third — will be announced at the annual Michigan APME annual awards banquet April 30 in Lansing. The General Excellence and First Amendment award winners also will be announced at the meeting.

Four-year-old Alexander Steil looks out from the back seat of his dad's squad car during the procession to the cemetery for the burial of his father on Sept. 23. Detroit Police Sgt. Kenneth Steil died after a suspect he was chasing -- wanted for two shootings and a carjacking -- shot him.

Twenty-eight newspapers submitted 978 entries in the contest.

Finalists in the 2016 Michigan APME newspaper contest:

Division III, Newspapers with a daily circulation over 40,000:

Best Headline Writing:Keith Roberts, The Detroit News; Jerry Seim, The Grand Rapids Press; Andreas Supanich, The Detroit News.

Best Business Writing: Matthew Dolan and Brent Snavely, Detroit Free Press; Garret Ellison, The Grand Rapids Press; John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman, The Grand Rapids Press.

Best Column: John Counts, The Grand Rapids Press; Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press; Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press.

Best Editorial Writing: Brian Dickerson, Detroit Free Press; Nancy Kaffer, Detroit Free Press; The Grand Rapids Press.

Best Feature Writing: John Carlisle and Salwan Georges, Detroit Free Press; John Counts, The Flint Journal; Kristen Jordan Shamus, Detroit Free Press.

Best Sports Story: Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press, “Pavel Datsyuk Says He Will Leave the Red Wings After Playoffs”; James Hawkins and Josh Katzenstein, The Detroit News, “Football Recruiters Hit Paydirt in Three States; Jarerd Purcell, The Grand Rapids Press, “Southgate Anderson Teen Issaic Allard Walks at Homecoming Football Game After Overcoming Paralysis.”

Best Sports Feature Story: Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press, “Ex-Lions QB Kramer Gets Help After Suicide Attempt after Years of Pain”; Jared Purcell, The Grand Rapids Press, “All-Time Greats: Curtis Jones is the Best Basketball Player You’ve Never Heard Of”; Jeff Seidel, Detroit Free Press, “62 Years Later, Detroit Tigers Prospect Earl Robinette Signs Contract.”

Best Sports Column: Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press, “Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio Rejects Flash, Builds on Values”; David Mayo, The Grand Rapids Press, Jim Harbaugh’s Officiating Rant was Beneath Michigan’s Competitive Dignity”; Bob Wojnowski, The Detroit News.

Best Illustration or Graphic:James Hollar, The Detroit News, “Climbing the Ladder of Success; Milt Klingensmith, The Flint Journal; Milt Klingensmith, The Grand Rapids Press, “Even Light Smoking Can be Deadly.”

Best Spot News Photo:Clarence Tabb Jr., The Detroit News, “Last Ride”; Jake May, The Flint Journal, “A Living Nightmare”; Cory Morse, The Grand Rapids Press, “Comforting Touch.”

Best Feature Photo: Emily Rose Bennett, The Grand Rapids Press, “Hockey, Not Horses: A Slice of Winter Life on Mackinac Island”; Jake May, The Flint Journal, “Poisoned”; Jake May, The Flint Journal, “Setting the Bar High.”

The Detroit Red Wings made the playoffs for 25th straight season, and once again met the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round. Detroit left wing Justin Abdelkader and Tampa Bay defenseman Victor Hedman chase after the puck in the third period of Game 4. The Lightning eliminated the Red Wings, four games to one.

Best Sports Photo: Allison Farrand, The Grand Rapids Press, “The Pull”; David Guralnick, The Detroit News, “Chasing the Puck”; Tegan Johnston, The Flint Journal, “Ride.”

Best Photo Story: Jake May, The Flint Journal, “Flint, a City Poisoned”; Jake May, The Flint Journal, “Still Standing: 100 Flint Residents Dealing with a Poisoned Water System”; Jake May, The Flint Journal, “The Wright Stuff.”

Best Video: Salwan Georges, Detroit Free Press, “Sudan to Detroit, a Refugee Journey”; Donna Terek, The Detroit News, “Cathedral of St. Anthony: A Church Reborn; The Grand Rapids Press, “Paradise Exposed: A New View on Old Detroit.”

Best Public Service: Keith Matheny and Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press, “Oil to be Shipped Under St. Clair River in Aging Pipelines”; Detroit Free Press, “Flint Water Resource Guide”; The Flint Journal, “The Mistakes Made, The Lives Affected.”

Best Spot News Coverage: Detroit Free Press, “Mass Shooting in Kalamazoo County by Uber Driver”; The Detroit News, “Half of Detroit’s Votes May be Ineligible for Recount; The Grand Rapids Press, “Multiple Tornadoes Hit Grand Rapids Area.”

Best Enterprise Reporting: Paula Gardner and Brian McVicar, The Grand Rapids Press, “Uneven Paying Field”; Eric D. Lawrence and John Gallagher, Detroit Free Press, “At Rusting Wayne County Jail Site, Winter is Coming — Again”; Julie Mack, The Grand Rapids Press, “A Deadly Mix.”

Best Investigative Reporting: Jennifer Dixon and Kristi Tanner, Detroit Free Press, “Deadly Asbestos”; Emily Lawler and Craig Mauger, The Grand Rapids Press, “Hush Funds”; The Flint Journal, “All the Governor’s Men.”

Best Full Page Design: Katie Karnes and Milt Klingensmith, The Grand Rapids Press, “Pushing for ‘PIPES“’; Brian McNamara, Detroit Free Press, “Solutions Section Cover”; Alicia Secord, Detroit Free Press, “An Attack on All of Us.”

Best Digital Presence: Detroit Free Press; The Detroit News; The Grand Rapids Press.

Best Multimedia Storytelling: Scott Levin, The Flint Journal, “Flint Water: All Governor’s Men; Faces of Flint”; Scott Levin, The Grand Rapids Press, “Ironwood: Northern Michigan has the State’s Highest Suicide Rate”; The Detroit News, “USS Detroit: A New Breed of Ship for U.S. Navy.”