Former U.S. gymnast accuses Nassar of abuse in video

Kim Kozlowski
The Detroit News

A former U.S. gymnastics team member has posted a video online accusing a former Michigan State University sports doctor of sexually abusing her, joining a handful of women to go public with allegations against Larry Nassar.

Kamerin Moore, 21, said she was treated by Nassar when she was between 11 and 18 and saw him on average two to three times a month.

Kamerin Moore posted a 7-minute video on YouTube in which she talks about encounters with Nassar — including one occasion where, Moore said, he asked if he could videotape him giving her a treatment when she was 13.

Moore, 21, said she was treated by Nassar when she was between 11 and 18 and saw him on average two to three times a month.

In one of the treatments, Moore said, he would rub out the back of her hamstrings with one hand and then massage in and around her genital area with his other hand. He would put his fingers inside of her, without gloves, she said.

“I was about 13 when I had these treatments done, so I was extremely uncomfortable with this,” Moore said on the video. “I didn’t think something was wrong. I trusted him as a doctor. He was very well-respected. And as a little girl, I wasn’t ever questioning a well-respected doctor.”

One time, Moore got treatment at his office at MSU when she was alone. But before he did the treatment, he asked her if he could videotape it, Moore said.

“He was asking, as a 40-year-old man or however old he was, to videotape himself touching a 13-year-old girl’s naked private parts,” Moore said. “If nothing else, if he was a well-respected doctor still and he was a good person and they hadn’t found thousands of images and videos of child pornography on his devices, this would still be wrong. I was underage, my mom had no idea this was happening. She didn’t know these procedures were invasive. She was absolutely appalled when I told her that and that he had asked to videotape himself doing this treatment on me.”

Moore said he asked to do the video to train other doctors on how to do treatments.

“It really doesn’t matter, it’s totally disgusting to ask a little girl to do that, especially when she is alone without her parent in the room,” Moore said. “I said, ‘Absolutely not.’ ”

According to the University of Nebraska’s women’s gymnastics web page, Moore is a native of West Bloomfield Township who competed on the school’s team as a freshman in 2014-15 and was a member of the Twistars gymnastics club. Officials with Twistars referred some athletes to Nassar’s care.

Nassar was a highly regarded physician until September, when allegations emerged that he treated injured athletes with a procedure that involved him digitally penetrating female patients without a glove, lubricant or consent.

He has denied wrongdoing; his attorney could not be immediately reached for comment Thursday.

He is in jail, charged in four criminal cases with first-degree criminal sexual conduct. He also faces child pornography and obstruction of justice charges in federal court.

Additionally, nearly 100 people have filed suit against Nassar in civil court and at least 100 others have filed complaints against him at MSU — but nearly all of the complainants are anonymous.

Moore could not be immediately reached for comment Thursday, but on her Twitter account she said she had heard from many about her video.

“Wow. The amount of support I've gotten in 24 hours is overwhelming,” she tweeted. “This is proof of the positive side of humanity.”