Standish — A young dog in Michigan found emaciated and full of porcupine quills two months ago has recuperated and is ready for a permanent home.

A group of friends walking the Sterling Truck Trails in Standish found Wishbone the coonhound on June 17, the Bay City Times reported. The dog was underweight and his mouth, face, chest and front legs permeated with at least 300 to 400 quills.

Wishbone has been rehabilitated at Arenac Bay Veterinary Services.

“He’s (Wishbone) almost back to 100 percent,” said Catherine Lemunyon, director of Arenac County Animal Control. “He’s been neutered, he’s had more quills surgically removed and he’s healing up.”

Lemunyon said the dog is now nearly 60 pounds — 20 pounds more than when he was found.

“He looks good now,” she said. “You can’t see his hip bones anymore. He looks very sleek and shiny. He’s friendly, social and very happy. He’s just a great dog.”

Wishbone’s origins remain unknown.

He is being fostered by Mike Brechtelsbauer, who takes him camping and sailing in the Saginaw Bay. Brechtelsbauer, a volunteer at the shelter, brings Wishbone with him in the mornings and takes him home in the afternoons. Lemunyon said he’s been instrumental in Wishbone’s recovery.

“He’s turned out to be a real good house dog,” Brechtelsbauer said. “I’ve always taken my dogs out on the boat, so I thought I’d give him a try and let him do some swimming for rehab. He loves it. He sits right there on the seat and waits till we get near shore and then jumps in for a swim.”

Lemunyon said her office is now accepting adoption applications for the dog. She said she’s received several applications already and will begin scheduling meet-and-greets with potential adopters for Wishbone.

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