Central Michigan University recovers from flooding

Associated Press

Mount Pleasant — Flooding in central Michigan that caused more than $100 million in property damage earlier this summer has affected about one-third of Central Michigan University’s nearly 130 facilities.

The university is preparing to welcome students back to campus for the fall semester after weeks of recovery work that’s estimated to cost millions of dollars. Classes begin Aug. 28.

“We’re on schedule to have 41 facilities complete regarding storm effects by mid-August,” Jonathan Webb, associate vice president of facilities management, said in a statement.

“The remainder of the facility repairs will have no impact on CMU operations and consist primarily of ongoing roof repairs, parking lot maintenance and storm sewer improvements, with most scheduled for completion by the end of August,” he said.

It’ll cost between $7 million and $10 million to recover from the flooding, according to a statement from the university, which is working with its insurance provider on facility and infrastructure remediation as well as equipment and furniture replacement.

University officials said in the statement that the effects of the June flooding were considered minor on nearly 75 percent of the affected facilities.

The Student Activity Center, Dow Science Complex and Theunissen Stadium were among the hardest hit by the flood

Hardwood basketball courts in the Student Activity Center were ruined.

The Dow Science Complex and Theunissen Stadium’s baseball performance enhancement facility required extensive remediation work due to flooding of rooms and equipment.

“The quick response of the CMU community kept the impact under control,” university officials said in the statement.