The Michigan Humane Society is sending an emergency response team to aid Houston's animal societies with the overwhelming workload brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

A team of nine trained, experienced animal welfare professionals and a caravan of vehicles equipped with supplies will leave on Monday hoping to begin working in Houston on Wednesday. 

"We've been in contact with the (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Houston and we told them to give us a call when they needed help. Sure enough, we received a call on Wednesday," said Kathy Bilitzke, spokeswoman for the Michigan Humane Society. "We hand selected a team of our employees that all have experience in shelter and rescuing in previous Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Katrina."

The fleet includes a transport vehicle that can carry up to 60 animals back to Michigan. The teams will be split into two groups: one for rescue and recovery in the disaster zone, and one at the Houston Society for Prevention of Cruelty Animals to support sheltering efforts.

Matt Pepper, Michigan Human Society president and CEO, and Debby MacDonald, who runs Animal Cops and director of the humane society, will be lead the team going to Houston. 

“The team at the Michigan Humane Society feels fortunate to be in a position to help the people and pets of southeast Texas. In times like this, there are no state lines. If we can help, then we help,” MacDonald said. 


The team will depart from the Michigan Human Society Dresner Foundation Animal Care Campus in Detroit at 8 a.m., Monday and supporters can follow the society on their media channels for updates on their animal rescue efforts in Texas.

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