CMU president, wife give $1M for scholarships

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Central Michigan University's president and his wife have donated $1 million to the school to endow scholarships for students in three departments: music, accounting, and the medical school.

George Ross and his wife, Elizabeth Ross, made the announcement Thursday.

CMU President George Ross and his wife, Elizabeth Ross

"Helping students earn their degree is our way of giving back — to CMU, to the students who make us proud every day," the CMU president said. "Elizabeth and I believe in paying it forward."

His wife agreed.

“For almost 12 years total, Mount Pleasant has been home for us," she said. "We’re truly blessed by the opportunities we’ve had, and we want to give back to students.

“We’ve come to know so many students here, and we appreciate how smart, energetic, respectful, warm and resourceful they are. Students are our future. It’s our responsibility to educate them and prepare them to be leaders.”

School officials praised the couple for the funding.

“It’s the truest gift from a president’s heart that I’ve ever seen,” said Robert K. Martin, vice president for advancement. “President Ross stepped up to the plate. When he asks others to give to CMU, he asks them to support students — just like he and Elizabeth have.”