Man filmed while urinating on 'Black Lives Matter' message at U-M

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Ann Arbor —  University of Michigan Police are searching for a man who appeared to urinate on a "Black Lives Matter" message written in chalk at the Diag on campus.

The man was filmed and the video was posted on Snapchat and to the Diag's compiled location story around 2 a.m. Thursday.

Public Information Officer Diane Brown said security is looking for him and are investigating the incident posted on Snapchat.

The incident occurred one day after Dana Greene Jr., a 23-year-old UM alum and candidate for a master's degree in public health at the university, took a knee at the Diag for 21 hours on Monday. 

Greene sent an open letter explaining his action to UM President Mark Schlissel and used the national #WhyIKneel hashtag on Twitter. 

"I wanted people to ask why," Greene explained Tuesday. "We focus too much on the how of protests, and not enough on why people are protesting. Everything in my life, personally, is going great. But this wasn't about me."

In his case, the why owed not only to how black students, or Hispanics, or Muslims are treated on campus, but "all inequality," in its various forms, on campus and off. 

Staff Writer James David Dickson contributed.