Starting Jan. 3, 2018 the National Weather Service will begin issuing a new type of warning for Michigan's worst weather. 

Snow squall warnings are for Michigan's most dangerous life-threatening conditions. A snow squall will be issued in white-out conditions in heavy snow and blowing snow. 

Snow squall warnings will be issued in State College and Pittsburgh, Pa., Buffalo and Binghamton, N.Y., Burlington, Vt., Cheyenne, Wy. and metro Detroit. 

According to the National Weather Service, there has been a long-standing need to effectively distribute information. The new warning may improve communication to the public with the Emergency Alert System and possibly Wireless Emergency Alerts. 

"The polygon-based snow squall warning will provide critical, life-saving
information for these short-term, highly localized, extremely hazardous events
to our partners in a manner that will allow them to recognize and parse the
products to make them available to their customers," according to the National Weather Service.

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