Police are asking the public for help to identify the woman whose remains were found in Alcona County more than two decades ago.

The Alcona County Sheriff's Office and the Michigan State Police's Alpena Post are investigating what happened to the woman and why her remains were in a wooded area.

Anyone who has information about the woman should call the Alcona County Sheriff's Office at (989) 724-6271 or submit a tip on the agency's website.

Authorities said the woman's remains were found in an area off of Bamfield Road between Curtisville and Alcona Dam.

Police have had Michigan State University anthropologists examine the remains and they determined they belong to a woman, 30-50 years of age and between 4-foot-7-inches and 5-foot-6-inches in height.

According to their findings, the woman likely had European ancestry.

Forensic artists also created renderings of what the woman looked like, police said.

Officials also said there is evidence of a skull fracture and it appears the remains were in the woods for up to four years before they were discovered by a bow hunter in 1994.







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