Bill would drop restrictions on who buys drinks at VFW

Times Herald

Port Huron — Private clubs such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars or the American Legion would be able to sell drinks to out-of-town veterans under a bill working its way through the Michigan Legislature.

Drinks technically can be sold only to local members of the clubs, although the restriction isn’t always followed. Senate Bill 662 would get rid of the limit.

“Veterans will have the freedom and the flexibility to buy themselves a beer as they visit with friends and other veterans,” said Andy Deloney, chairman of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. “It makes a lot of sense to make these updates to the law, and we were pleased to be part of the process.”

The bill would also apply to Elks, Moose and Eagles clubs.

Under current law, veterans from out of town must rely on the generosity of others if they want a beer or something stronger. Chuck Teller, commander at Port Huron’s American Legion Post 8, said he’d welcome a change to an “ancient law.”

“We just wonder back in the day if the legislators were even veterans to come up with this law,” Teller told the Port Huron Times Herald. “We like to stick together. We like to have our own thing.”

He said a new law probably would encourage more visitors. Post 8 has roughly 400 members, down from nearly 1,000 in 2005.