Frigid temps to melt away Sunday

Leonard N. Fleming
The Detroit News

The frigid temperatures engulfing Metro Detroit for the last several days are set to come to an end soon but before they leave, a record will be broken, weather officials predict.

On Friday, temps stayed at or below the single digits with wind chills making it seem like minus 15 degrees. On Saturday, the crisp, cold air will hover keeping temps around 11 degrees at the most with wind chills that will make it seem like it’s below zero for the entire day, according to the National Weather Service.

If Saturday’s predictions hold, it will make 12 straight days of Metro Detroit registering below 20-degree temperatures. That would break a record dating back to 1979.

Then, the relative warm-up begins, said Trent Frey, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.

“That’s the first thing that came to mind — record breaking, bitterly cold,” Frey said. “I’ve been one of the ones to go up and launch the weather balloons on shift here so it’s been an interesting experience doing that with the negative wind chills.”

Weather service officials say on Sunday Metro Detroit temperatures will hit the mid-20s and get to the mid-30s through Wednesday. There’s a strong possibility of temperatures “soaring” to near 40 degrees by Thursday.

“We’re pretty sure, we are seeing a shift in the pattern here,” Frey said. “It’s been showing up on our model guidance for about a week now. We’ve been expecting it.”

Frey said normal high temperatures for this time of year is around 32 degrees.

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