Fate of Michigan library cat unclear

Associated Press

Lyons – Some residents in central Michigan are hoping local officials will allow a cat to stay in the public library.

The Lyons Township District Library Board of Directors decided last month that the cat would have to leave the Lyons Public Library because some patrons are allergic, WOOD-TV reported .

The gray and white cat, known as Aww Kitty, was a stray before she came to the library about 2 ½ years ago. She’s become the library’s unofficial mascot and a sort of therapy cat. Donations from library patrons pay for her expenses, including food and veterinarian costs.

Many local residents told the board Thursday that they want the cat to be allowed to remain in the library. The cat has spent years at the library and has made it her home so she shouldn’t be evicted, one resident said.

But another resident said the city shouldn’t be prioritizing a cat over its human residents.

The library should be accessible to everyone, including those with allergies, said board member Marilyn Huhn.

Some library staff members have proposed working with any allergic individuals to ensure they have access to the books, such as allowing them to request books over the phone and delivering those books curbside.

The board will review the public’s comments and resume discussions about the issue later. The board’s next meeting is scheduled for Feb. 8, but it may hold a special meeting to address the issue.

Another home for Aww Kitty has already been found.