Molested gymnasts blast coach who sent them to doctor

David Eggert
Associated Press

Charlotte – The young athletes who confronted Larry Nassar about molesting them at an elite Michigan gymnastics club saved some of their harshest words for a person who was not in the courtroom.

John Geddert is an Olympic coach who for years sent teenage girls to see the doctor. He operated the Twistars club near Lansing, where Nassar offered treatment for sports injuries. His victims complain that the coach rarely offered gymnasts any choice to see a different doctor.

Nassar was in court Wednesday for his third and final sentencing hearing, this time for the abuse that happened at Twistars.

One victim alleged that Geddert was aware in the late 1990s of at least one mother who said Nassar had performed an “inappropriate procedure” on her 16-year-old daughter.