The up-and-down weather fluctuation in Metro Detroit will continue into this weekend as temperatures warm up and then back to the frigid cold into next week.

According to the National Weather Service, the region is expected to get anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of snow on Super Bowl Sunday.

Saturday afternoon, with little snow having fallen, ice is forming on the roads. The Michigan Department of Transportation's MiDrive site showed a number of crashes north of Detroit: one on Interstate 96, and three on I-696, along with one crash on the Southfield Freeway in Detroit and one on I-75 in Detroit. Generally, though, traffic was moving briskly.

Sunday's snow will "come in early and take a long time to exit," said National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Richter. The "all day accumulating snowfall," as he described it, is expected to start at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and last for the next 12 to 15 hours, with the highest accumulation toward the north, and the lowest toward the Michigan-Ohio border.

The highs are expected to be in the lower 30s for Saturday and in the lower to mid 30s for Sunday when the expected snowfall hits, meteorologists said. The average time for this time of the year is the lower 30s.

By Sunday night, arctic air is expected to hit southeast Michigan, dropping temperatures "pretty dramatically" as the Super Bowl hangover ends and the work week begins, Richter said.

Monday is expected to start out in the low single digits and its high will only reach about 20 degrees, about 10 degrees lower than normal for this time of year. Monday night there could an inch or two more of snowfall.

“It’s not atypical. We often see this in winter time where we have these swings of warm, average temperatures and below average temperatures,” said meteorologist Alex Manion. “Compared to what we see relative to other winters, in terms going from 50 or 40 down to 10 degrees again but this is nothing out of the ordinary.”

Next week, the temperatures plummet again into the lower to upper 20s with lows in mid to low teens from Tuesday through Friday, Manion said.

Extended forecast

Saturday: High of 33 degrees low of 30. Some snow in the evening.

Sunday: High of 33, low of 8 degrees. Snow of 2-4 inches.

Monday: High of 23, low of 15. Some sun and then clouds.

Tuesday: High of 27, low of 17. Possible flurries.

Wednesday: High of 28, low of 13. Some snow expected.

Source: AccuWeather

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