Human remains found nearly 40 years ago in two states have been identified as a Michigan man and woman, State Police officials said Tuesday.

Investigators believe James Hendricks, of Flint, and Kimberlin Mills, of Millington, were murdered by the same suspect, they said in a statement. No arrests have been made in the case. Millington is about 27 miles northeast of Flint.

Michigan State Police used new fingerprint matching technology to determine the identities of the man and woman, officials said.

The remains of Hendricks and Mills were both found June 17, 1978. Hendricks' remains were found in Missouri and Mills' remains were found 12 miles away in Arkansas, state police said.

Hendricks, a parole absconder, was believed to have fled the state with Mills, his girlfriend, according to authorities.

Last year, Missouri State Highway Patrol investigators used the new fingerprint matching technology to run further tests on samples from their case on Hendricks' death and gave police their first break.

Police have notified Hendrick's family in the Cadillac area, and Mills' family, who live in the Caro area. 


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