DTE Energy customers can expect to see lower natural gas bills in March and April, company officials said Thursday.

It's estimated the average customer's April bill could drop about three percent compared to last year, they said. Customers can thank falling natural gas prices, DTE Energy said.

"Though many Michigan residents saw their heating bills rise during bitter cold periods, compared to last year's mild winter weather, falling natural gas prices helped offset the hit to DTE customers' bills," Dan Brudzynski, vice president of DTE Gas sales and supply, said in a statement.  "By April, rates will be approaching 20 percent below the cost of gas in March last year." 

DTE Energy also said its customers will have seen their average gas bill drop 30 percent over the last decade.

The rate customers and DTE Energy will pay for natural gas in April 2018 is expected to be set at $0.286 per 10 Mcf, or thousand cubic feet, the company said.

Last year, the rate was $0.35 per 10 Mcf in March and $0.32 in April, according to the Michigan Public Service Commission, which regulates the state's electric providers, natural gas utilities and telecommunications industry.

The average Michigan household uses about 123 Mcf per year, according to the U.S Energy Information Administration.

In January, company officials said its gas and electric customers would save about three percent on their heat and light bills because of President Donald Trump's $175 tax overhaul.

Based in Detroit, DTE Energy serves 2.2 million electricity customers in Southeastern Michigan and 1.3 million natural gas customers in Michigan.

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