Weed for speed: Police find pot in traffic stop

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Michigan State Police made a traffic stop and then a drug arrest on Tuesday on Interstate 275 in Wayne County.

Troopers stopped a car for speeding on the freeway and smelled marijuana while collecting the driver's information.

While searching the vehicle, the trooper found 3 pounds of marijuana, 4.7 ounces of shatter (hash oil), 54 hash oil cartridges and 23 grams of marijuana wax. 

Michigan State Police found these in a search of a speeding driver.

Michigan State Police posted a photo on Wednesday stating the driver was arrested. 

MSP Lt. Mike Shaw said the traffic stop is one of many similar arrests they've had this year and hope to inform the public they are cracking down on drivers illegally carrying. 

"Unfortunately, we see this quite a bit, mostly opioids, marijuana, and heroin," Shaw said adding the sentence varies by the prosecutor, court and previous convictions.

After the drugs are confiscated, police are required to incinerate it.