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MasterCard Foundation ends MSU work over Nassar

Associated Press

East Lansing – The MasterCard Foundation said it will stop supporting programs with Michigan State University as the school deals with fallout from a former sports doctor convicted of molesting athletes.

One $45 million program funds the education of students from sub-Saharan Africa. Another $13 million collaborative effort helps young people access agricultural jobs in Tanzania and Nigeria.

The Toronto-based foundation said in a release that it will honor current commitments, but has “lost confidence in our partnership” because of “extensive media reporting.”

University officials say they are focused on supporting students through graduation.

"Any of the students currently in the program will be allowed to continue through it until they graduate from MSU," said school spokeswoman Emily Guerrant. "We just won’t receive funding to continue the program for any new/additional students moving forward."

Larry Nassar currently is serving decades in prison after pleading guilty to molesting patients and possessing child pornography.

The MasterCard Foundation works to help young people in Africa lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.