Cool weekend but warm-up on the way

Leonard N. Fleming
The Detroit News

Michiganians’ thirst for warmer temperatures are going to have to wait just a few more days.

This spring’s somewhat cooler temperatures are still in play with Friday staying in the mid-60s with a 30-percent chance of rain and lows dipping down to about 40 degrees.

And it keeps dropping. On Saturday, cooler temps and breezy weather will hover in the upper 40s during the day while slipping to around 30 degrees at night. On Sunday, the sun will show itself and warm up Metro Detroit to the tune of the mid-50s but back down to the mid-30s in the evening.

Then comes the warm-up the public’s been waiting for with Monday temps in the mid 60s with sunny skies. Tuesday and Wednesday will be even warmer with temperatures in the 70s.

“The good news is we are looking for a pretty good warm-up for next week,” said Steve Considine of the National Weather Service branch in White Lake Township. “So we’re going to have more spring-like weather conditions at least through the first half of next week. Sunday won’t be a bad day. It will be a touch on the cool side with highs in the mid-50s.”

Considine said the normal temps for this time of the year is in the lower 60s. But this, he said, is typical Michigan weather that feature fluctuating cold and warmer temps.

Many weather systems this time of the year, Considine said, “track across the northern part of the country and they will bring in some very mild air” from the south where spring is in full tilt.

“It’s not uncommon this time of the year to get wide variations and temperatures,” he said. “For the latter part of April and the first part of May, it’s not unusual to get some chilly days.”

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