If it takes a tough man to make a tender chicken (according to an old Perdue chicken commercial), what type of man makes a tough chicken?

Well, no man a’tall, but a woman.

Michelle Feaganes of La Salle beat out 1,100 entries to win a national contest for having the Strongest Chick in America.

The award, sponsored by Purina, is a bit of a misnomer.

Feaganes’ chick, Rosaleen, like the other baby birds in the contest, looks like she could barely lift a ribbon, let alone a trophy.

Instead, they were judged more for their appearance. People viewed their photos on Purina’s Facebook page and voted for their favorite ones.

Feaganes, who works at an elementary school, was all atwitter with the win.

“I’m so excited. They announced it over the (school) PA,” she said.

Thanks to Rosaleen’s strong cuteness, she and her fellow peeps in Feaganes’ backyard will feast on a year’s supply of Purina chicken feed.

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