What was supposed to be an inspirational message ahead of commencements Friday quickly turned into a roast session over a tweet from Michigan State University's Twitter account.

The East Lansing university posted at 8 a.m. Friday a photo of the Spartan statue, located at the intersection of Kalamazoo, Chestnut and Red Cedar. 

The photo was captioned "The Spartan statue is always facing west, towards new horizons and new beginnings. #MSUgrad18." However, some quickly noticed the statue is not facing west. 

The statue actually has faced northeast since June 9, 1945. Then President John Hannah gave a speech entitled, "The Spartan" with remarks made from Leonard Jungwirth, the creator of Sparty. The statue faces north to watch the band march toward Spartan Stadium playing the fight song, according to the university website.  

Then, students and followers responded with pointed comments on the university's position in recent scandals

@TimesUpMSU posted: "That’s nice, but you can’t have a new beginning unless you are willing to change."

"You need a new beginning; a new administration; new school name; new professors; and a honest and fair settlement with those young women assaulted by your school staff. There’s a start," posted @rugbydogsjay. 

"And a new board of trustees, new president and new policies that hold them all accountable and transparent," posted by Brandon Lee. 

MSU media relations did not comment on the Tweet when asked about it.

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