Michigan county attorney alleges firing over complaint

Kalamazoo Gazette

Kalamazoo – A former southwest Michigan attorney says she was fired just days after she told supervisors that she planned to file a civil rights complaint.

The Kalamazoo Gazette obtained documents through an open records request showing that Kalamazoo County assistant corporation counsel Amber Beebe was terminated for workplace misconduct and violating county policies in March.

Beebe, who is black, alleges the county crafted a reason to fire her after discovering she intended to file a discrimination claim based on her race and disability status.

A grievance was filed with the county board chair last month alleging Beebe was illegally fired. Discrimination charges were filed with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights several days later.

The complaint says discrimination began in July 2017 when Beebe wasn’t accommodated with a standing desk for chronic back spasms.

Corporation Counsel Elizabeth White says the county denies Beebe’s allegations.