Ascension Michigan hospitals in Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Kalamazoo will be getting new names as part of a major rebranding effort starting Thursday in Metro Detroit.

St. John Hospital & Medical Center will be re-christened Ascension St. John Hospital, and new name signs also will go up at Providence-Providence Park hospitals in Southfield and Novi, and other Catholic hospitals across Southeast Michigan.

Starting Thursday, St. John-Providence will lose its identity as a stand-alone health system as the state's Catholic hospitals are unified statewide under the Ascension Michigan name. 

New names for Ascension hospitals in other parts of the state will be rolled out over the coming months.

Integrating all of Michigan's Catholic hospitals into one statewide health system will create new opportunities to share resources and create efficiencies, said Dr. Joseph Cacchione, who took the reins as Ascension Michigan's new CEO on May 1. 

“The vision is for Michigan to be a statewide health system—and not to be fragmented into Kalamazoo, and Saginaw, and Flint and Detroit,” Cacchione said. “We are going to be looking to have a statewide approach to the way Ascension does business here in Michigan.

“As the resources get tighter and tighter within health care, and we’re asked to do more with less because of the current state of health care, we need to be sure that we can have a very high quality product where people can come and be sure that they’re getting the highest level of care," Cacchione said. "We need to optimize our resources so it allows us to continue to serve our mission and continue to provide people with the best quality of care. 

"The only way to do that is to make sure we our direct our resources in the most purposeful way. You can’t do everything in every hospital all the time," Cacchione added. "You can’t have two cardiology programs at two hospitals two miles apart, it costs the community money.

"If we can do it more efficiently in one facility than another, we’re going to do it at that facility, and we’re going to do other things at the other facilities. The idea that every hospital is going to be doing everything in a small or moderate way, doesn’t make sense."

In the coming weeks, exterior and interior signage, and branded materials, will be updated with the Ascension name and logo at all Ascension hospitals and outpatient facilities in southeast Michigan. The new naming convention makes “Ascension” the first word in every name.

Ascension Crittenton Hospital will become Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital, signaling its formal transition to a Catholic hospital. Crittenton will also be adopting the Ascension Mission Statement and implementing a spiritual care program with chaplains available.

Ascension operates 15 hospitals in Michigan including three Borgess hospitals in the Kalamazoo region, Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc, St. Joseph in Tawas City, and the St. Mary's of Michigan hospitals in Saginaw and Standish.

Nationally, Ascension operates 153 hospitals across the country and is the nation's largest hospital chain. 

Ascension hospitals' new names

Current                                                           New

St. John Hospital & Medical Center               Ascension St. John Hospital

St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital             Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital

                                                                     (Warren Campus, Madison Heights Campus)

 St. John River District Hospital                      Ascension River District Hospital

 Brighton Center for Recovery                        Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

 Providence-Providence Park Hospital           Ascension Providence Hospital

                                                                      (Southfield Campus, Novi Campus)

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