Michigan State Police seized brownies, muffins, marijuana butter, smoking instruments and other drug-infused edibles and paraphernalia headed for sale at a music festival in Monroe County. 

It started with a cracked windshield.

Troopers on patrol at 3 p.m. June 19 noticed a damaged 2003 Subaru on northbound Interstate 75 near a rest area in Monroe County.

Perhaps spotting the squad car, the vehicle in the middle lane swerved at the last minute, police said, and made a quick exit into the rest area.

The troopers followed. A 27-year-old man from Bloomfield said he was headed to a weeklong Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, north of Muskegon. The driver, police said, "acted suspiciously" and was "extremely nervous." That's when one of the troopers called on his K-9, Otto. 

After Otto gave a heads up for narcotics in the vehicle, police searched the interior and found LSD and ecstasy in the glove box. A shoe behind the passenger seat contained hashish and cash. 

There was more: Pipes and smoking instruments along with marijuana butter, 8.5 pounds of marijuana brownies, cookies, muffins, even a jar of marijuana honey and two large metal containers with nitrous oxide and hundreds of balloons were found.

The driver was held at the Monroe County Jail. Officers are awaiting lab results and prosecutor's review. Passengers were released on scene.

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