Continued controversy over surplus military gear

Associated Press

Thetford Township – The controversy over how a police department used about $1 million in surplus military equipment from the federal government continues to rattle a Michigan township after not enough leaders showed up to hold a meeting.

Dozens of people came to the Thetford Township Hall on Monday, including Police Chief Robert Kenny, for a special meeting that had to be canceled because only three township board members attended. Four are necessary to form a quorum.

Two trustees have accused Kenny of misappropriating funds. He denies any wrongdoing and many residents came to support him.

The meeting was called after an envelope of money was found among the military surplus items that were being moved, The Flint Journal and WNEM-TV reported. Kenny has said the money came from scrapping storage containers the township obtained through the program several years ago.

Township Supervisor Gary Stevens asked why it was only recently discovered. Kenny said Stevens “refuses to speak” with him, so he can’t answer such questions. The police chief added that people can say funds were misplaced, but not misappropriated.

Genesee County sheriff’s officials have been investigating and told the township not to dispose of any equipment.

The township has received about 2,000 items through the program, which Kenny said he has participated in for a decade.

Stevens, supervisor of the township north of Flint with roughly 7,000 residents, said “we’ll do it again until it gets done.” No new meeting date has been set.