Mich. court reinstates first-degree murder conviction

Associated Press

Kalamazoo – The Michigan Supreme Court has reinstated a first-degree murder conviction against a man who stabbed a woman 29 times in 2014.

Christopher Oros killed Marie McMillan, but he claimed it wasn’t premeditated. The appeals court reduced the conviction to second-degree murder, saying there wasn’t enough evidence for the higher crime.

The Supreme Court, however, says the Kalamazoo County verdict should stand. In a 5-2 decision Thursday, the court says Oros had to think about grabbing a knife and “took time for reflection” before stabbing McMillan.

Prosecutors at trial said Oros was going door-to-door as part of a scheme to get money.

In dissent, Justice Bridget McCormack says the law doesn’t allow “shortcuts,” even if they’re tempting. She and Justice David Viviano agreed with the appeals court, which found that first-degree murder didn’t fit.