The lead investigator of the Larry Nassar sexual assault cases is developing a law enforcement program for Michigan State University's police department that will be "trauma-informed" and "victim-centered" for future investigations, the university said Thursday.

Lt. Andrea Munford is in charge of developing a comprehensive program for law enforcement investigations into relationship violence and sexual assault, MSU Interim President John Engler and MSU Police Chief Jim Dunlap said.

Munford will be responsible for developing a training curriculum, creating model policy, giving conference presentations and identifying grant opportunities, an MSU police news release said.

She also will work with community partners and outside agencies to identify best practices to present the strongest domestic violence and sexual assault cases for prosecution.

“Since the Larry Nassar investigation, the MSU Police Department has received continuous requests to provide information and training on trauma-informed and victim-centered investigations,” said Dunlap.

“As the lead investigator of the Nassar investigation, I’m confident that Lt. Munford will identify and highlight the best practices to be utilized and assist other agencies and departments around the country to provide a victim-centered investigation for all survivors,” he said.

Nassar was sentenced this year to 60 years in prison on child pornography charges and up to 175 years for sexual abuse of young female athletes under the guise of medical treatment. 

Since Nassar has been imprisoned, MSU and more than 300 Nassar victims agreed to a historic $500 million settlement.

Munford began her career with the MSU Police Department in 1997. She supervised the investigative division, special victims unit, bike unit and the Crime Scene Investigation Unit.

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