Richard Burr and Jonathan Oosting break down the final week of the Democratic primary race for governor. Jonathan Oosting, Detroit News Lansing Bureau


Michigan Democrats Abdul El-Sayed, Shri Thanedar and Gretchen Whitmer are set to square off in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary.  The winner will head to the general election and compete for the chance to replace term-limited Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.  

Check out The Detroit News' in-depth candidate profiles of each Democratic candidate by following the links below.

Whitmer rises to establishment choice in Democrats’ gov race

Gretchen Whitmer was a freshman in the Michigan House of Representatives when she had her first daughter. Less than three months after  becoming a mother, her own mom died of brain cancer. That pivotal first term, full of joy and heartbreak, shaped a legislative tenure marked by resistance and compromise as a perpetual member of the minority party. Read more about Gretchen Whitmer >>


Gretchen Whitmer, former Senate Democratic leader, talks about failed leadership in Michigan as she campaigns for governor in East Lansing. By Dale Young, The Detroit News


El-Sayed channels Bernie Sanders in bid for far-left gubernatorial surprise

Abdul El-Sayed has heard the doubters, some within his own party: He is too young, too brown or too Muslim to win election as governor in a state that backed Republican President Donald Trump in 2016. But the 33-year-old former Detroit health director is working to prove them wrong and become the next far-left Democrat to upset the party establishment. Read more about Abdul El-Sayed>>


Democratic candidate for governor Abdul El-Sayed talks with The Detroit News at Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters. Jonathan Oosting, Detroit News Lansing Bureau


Thanedar’s biz record marked by triumphs, tribulations

The bank was selling the business Shri Thanedar had built from the ground up, forcing him to give up his leased cars and preparing to foreclose on the Missouri mansion he’d helped design when he and his wife packed a rental truck in late 2010 and started out for a new life in Michigan. Eight years later, after successfully growing and selling another chemical testing analytics company in Ann Arbor, the entrepreneur scientist is spending millions of his own dollars in a quest to become Michigan’s next governor. Read more >>


Shri Thanedar, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, speaks at the Detroit Association of Black Organizations on March 22, 2018.

Get to know the Republicans: Schuette, Calley, Colbeck, Hines run for Michigan governor

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