Get to know the Republicans: Schuette, Calley, Colbeck, Hines run for Michigan governor

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News

Michigan Republicans Bill Schuette, Brian Calley, Pat Colbeck and Jim Hines are set to square off in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary.  The winner will head to the general election and compete for the chance to replace term-limited GOP Gov. Rick Snyder.  

Bill Schuette, Brian Calley, Pat Colbeck and Jim Hines

Check out The Detroit News' in-depth candidate profiles of each Republican candidate by following the links below.

Schuette embraces career experience as benefit in GOP run for governor

From the back of a hay wagon on a muggy June day, Bill Schuette gave a familiar speech to a crowd of Jackson County farmers and politicians. He’ll be the paycheck governor, Schuette said. He’ll improve reading levels. He’ll find a solution to high auto insurance rates. And he’ll repeal taxes harming Michigan families. Throw in a few mentions of President Donald Trump's endorsement, and the campaign message is practically complete. Schuette has had time to perfect the message over the past 34 years. Read more about Bill Schuette >>


Calley toughens tone as governor candidate

As the lieutenant governor went door to door on a warm afternoon in May, he was greeted by a man who knew Calley's sister, a woman who knew his physician father and a retired bus driver who met him early in his political career.  But if recent campaign mudslinging is any indication, the Brian Calley running for governor is quite different than the boy from Ionia or Gov. Rick Snyder's soft-spoken running mate. Read more about Brian Calley >>


Faith, 'principled' conservatism drive GOP governor hopeful Colbeck

Pat Colbeck: Less than a year after attending his first tea party rally in 2009, Patrick Colbeck began liquidating his retirement savings to run for state Senate. He sold his Star Trek uniform. He auctioned off his pieces of the Berlin Wall. He wore out two pairs of shoes traveling door to door. And he won. The term-limited senator is running on a platform that touts his Christian faith, conservative "principled solutions" and record in the Senate. Read more about Pat Colbeck >>


Michigan gov hopeful Jim Hines embraces 'outsider' status

A quote from the Founding Fathers. Family moving out of Michigan. Four flat tires in nine months. Dr. Jim Hines uses his fingers to tick off the reasons he is running for the Republican nomination for governor.  The robotics and laser surgeon has delivered thousands of babies, led the medical staff for a Michigan health care network, co-owns a Saginaw medical practice, and has led dozens of medical teams in impoverished and war-torn countries. Read more about Jim Hines >>

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