Brian Breslin, the chairman of the Michigan State University Board of Trustees, has resigned as director of appointments in Gov. Rick Snyder's administration, citing the need to focus on his MSU role.

Breslin resigned from the Office of Appointments on May 1 after an unpaid leave had ended, according to Anna Heaton, a Snyder spokeswoman. Breslin has been replaced by Kristin Beltzer, executive vice president and chief marketing officer with the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In his letter of resignation, Breslin says the unpaid leave allowed him to "focus more fully" on his job as chairman of the trustees. He also says his "responsibilities at Michigan State will continue to require more time than I anticipated."

Breslin's resignation comes in the aftermath of the Larry Nasser sexual abuse scandal and the ensuing fallout at Michigan State, where Nassar worked for two decades.

Breslin announced in January he would not run for re-election on the board but would finish his current term, which lasts through the end of the year.

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