Monroe — A former Michigan State University basketball strength coach was sentenced to 86 months to 15 years for a crash that killed two people last year.

Todd Moyer, 38, learned his sentence Thursday, the Lansing State Journal reported. He was convicted in Monroe County in July on two counts of reckless driving causing death. He received the same sentence on both counts, to be served at the same time.

Moyer was driving a pickup truck when it struck a car on U.S. 23 in July 2017. Gladys Johnson, 35, of Redford Township and her daughter, Za’Kira, 5, were killed. Witnesses said traffic was merging into one lane because of construction.

Prosecutors said Moyer did not try to evade or brake and drove at a constant 78 mph for at least five seconds before the crash.

In the five minutes before, according to a news release, Moyer conducted one Google search for strip clubs in Delaware, Ohio, and texted a link one minute before crashing. He also received and read eight texts and sent four others. Moyer's only unread message occurred at the same time he collided.

After the impact, according to prosecutors, Moyer texted: "Omg, I'm (explicit). Two ppl killed," "Bro. I swear," "I'm going to jail." 

When asked by an investigator if he was texting, according to prosecutors, Moyer dropped his head and said, "Yes."

His attorneys, Michael J. Nichols and Neil Rockind, had proposed a sentence without incarceration.

Rockind told jurors in July that there was no evidence that Moyer “had his head buried in his phone" because accidents occur in a matter of seconds.

Michigan State didn’t renew Moyer’s contract in June.

Detroit News staff contributed to this report.

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