Port Huron – A Port Huron-area woman sent to prison after an extraordinary string of fraud soon will be released on parole.

The Corrections Department says Sara Ylen probably will be released in early December after five years in custody.

In 2013, in St. Clair County, she was convicted of falsely accusing two men of rape and tampering with evidence. Investigators said Ylen created her own injuries and even carved a vulgarity on her arm.

Separately, she pleaded no contest to fraud around the same time in Sanilac County. Ylen for years had raised money in the Thumb region by claiming she was dying of cancer. A judge called the sham “mind-boggling.”

In 2012, a man convicted of sexually assaulting Ylen was released from prison after nearly a decade. Police said she had lied about being assaulted in California, information that wasn’t shared with defense lawyers at trial. The conviction was thrown out.

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