Daughter’s life sentence upheld in attack on parents

Associated Press

Port Huron – The Michigan appeals court has affirmed the life sentence of a young woman from the state’s Thumb region who plotted to have her father killed in 2010.

Tia Skinner was a 17-year-old honors student in St. Clair County at the time. Her case reached the state Supreme Court last year when justices weighed whether juries should determine whether teens get no-parole sentences. The court said the power rests with trial judges.

The appeals court took another look at Skinner’s life sentence and affirmed it Tuesday.

Paul Skinner of Yale was stabbed to death at the family’s Yale home and his wife, Mara Skinner, was seriously wounded. Prosecutors say Tia Skinner was angry at her parents for forbidding her from seeing a boy.

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