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Weekend forecast: Dry, and warmer than usual

The Detroit News
The weather will be warmer than usual this weekend.

The weather forecast for this weekend in Metro Detroit will end up cloudy but dry with slightly warmer temperatures for the month of December, weather officials said Friday.

The rain that drenched the region on Thursday will move out Friday morning, and will then stay dry all the way into the weekend and beyond, said Sara Pampreen of the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.

The high on Friday will be around 45 degrees with a low around 33 degrees. On Saturday, the high will reach only 43 and drop into the low 30s in the evening. The temps on Sunday will mirror the day before.

"We normally have highs in the upper 30s, so we're a little bit warmer than normal," Pampreen said.

For snow, the region isn't receiving as much as it normally sees in the month of December, she said. "Obviously, you can get hit by a snowstorm and easily make that up," Pampreen added.

Since the first day of the month, the area has only had .1 inches. The normal snowfall is roughly about 3.2 inches up to this date in December, she said.

"It's just normal. You have your variabilities and everything," she said. "It's weather, things change."

By the workweek on Monday, the temps will dip into the high 30s, which is normal for this time of the year, Pampreen said.