Ann Arbor – A man who was 16 when he killed his 13-year-old girlfriend in 1986 is pleading for a second chance. reports that Christopher Machacek was sentenced in 1988 to life in prison without parole for the shooting death of Mary Ann Hulbert.

Mary Ann told Machacek on Dec. 30, 1986 that she might be pregnant with his child. Machacek panicked and shot her with a semi-automatic rifle.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that no-parole life sentences for juveniles are cruel and unusual punishment. The Washtenaw County hearing before Judge Darlene O’Brien is to determine whether Machacek “exhibits such irretrievable depravity that rehabilitation is impossible.”

Assistant county prosecutor Anthony Kendrick says Machacek’s admission of culpability is self-serving.

The hearing continues this week.

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