Michigan Lotto winners will need ID in new year

The Detroit News
Michigan Lottery

Starting on Jan. 1, 2019, Michigan Lottery winners collecting more than $600 in prizes will need to present a government-issued ID — and a Social Security card — to collect their winnings.

Medicare cards containing a Social Security number were previously considered acceptable, but won't be any longer, as new cards don't have the number, a statement from the Michigan Lottery said. 

In addition to Social Security cards, acceptable forms of ID include driver's licenses, state IDs, CCW permits, military IDs, passports, permanent resident cards, or veterans health identification cards.

Lotto spokesman Jake Harris said the only change now is in which identification will be accepted. The thinking is that most Michiganians will have the newer versions of Medicare cards, without the Social Security number.

A color picture of a Social Security card would also be accepted, Harris said.