There's no denying the news isn't always full of good things. That's why we've collected the top 10 feel-good stories of 2018, to help you ring in the new year with a smile:

Organ donor’s family meets recipients year after death

Laurie Anderson wrote her first letter a month after her son died, hoping to meet the recipients of his organ donations. Almost a year after his death, she found closure hearing his heart beat in another’s chest.

Pink Cadillacs set course for Aretha Franklin’s funeral

In her hit song “Freeway of Love,” Aretha Franklin joyously sang about  cruising in a pink Cadillac. To honor the Queen of Soul at her Aug. 31 funeral, pink Cadillac owners were called to line their rosy vehicles along Seven Mile near Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. And what a sight it was!

Troy police administer oath to 'police kitten'

Two words: Pawfficer Donut. (Please keep your squealing to a minimum)


Kaleb Klakulak, 12, is doing odd jobs and collecting pop bottles to raise money for a headstone for his friend K.J. Gross, who died at age 12 The Detroit News

Kaleb's Christmas wish

The friendship of Kaleb Klakulak and Kenneth "K.J." Gross was cut short too soon, but a symbol of their childhood bond someday may be etched in stone.

K.J. died of congestive heart failure on May 1. He was 12. His mom says she can't afford a headstone — but Kaleb is working to ensure his buddy's unmarked grave at Detroit's Elmwood Cemetery will bear an epitaph.

Michigan couple ‘can’t imagine not having 14 boys’

If you ever thought having a couple of kids was difficult, you need to meet the Schwandt family

When Teri Schwandt got pregnant last year, she and husband Jay did what they always do — waited until birth to learn the gender of the baby. But deep down they already knew.

Last month Teri had a boy, like the time before, and the time before that, and the 11 times before that. For those keeping score, it’s a rout: Boys 14, Girls 0. 

New mayor of Michigan town 'purr-fect' for politics

Politics in a small northern Michigan village has gone to the dogs — and cats.

Those animals, plus goats, chickens and even peacocks, were among the candidates for mayor in Omena, a small community in Leelanau County, north of Traverse City. 

Omena elected its first feline mayor, named Sweet Tart McKee. 

Police credit dog for saving missing toddler

Two Paw Paw parents have their dog to thank for leaving a trail of paw prints that police used to track a 2-year-old who was missing for several hours.

Sheriff Daniel Abbott said the family’s pit-boxer mix named Apollo may have saved Princeton Peake’s life by staying by his side. Police followed Apollo’s tracks to find Princeton in a muddy, wooded area up to a mile away. 

Dog rescued from top of I-75 Rouge bridge gets new home

And now for one about a dog getting rescued: 

Mike Moss, a CA Hull labor foreman, arrived at work on the I-75 Rouge bridge to find a dog covered in matted hair limping around in the safe-span. Moss rescued the dog, put him in the back of his truck and named him Lucky. 

It turned out to be lucky for both the dog and Moss's father

Stolen Detroit depot clock goes home

For years, a piece of Detroit history was missing from its former home.

A sizeable clock that long greeted the constant stream of visitors arriving at the Michigan Central Depot passed at least two decades elsewhere until June, when an anonymous call lead to its discovery

Detroit restaurant names hot dog after Jeff Goldblum's laugh in 'Jurassic Park'

We threw this one in for giggles. The awkward, awkward giggles. 

Jeff Goldblum's weird laugh at the beginning of the 1993 film "Jurassic Park" has been remixed, notated as sheet music and has been given the full internet meme treatment.

Now Jeff Goldblum's laugh — or rather the laugh of his character Dr. Ian Malcolm  — from an early helicopter scene of the film has been honored with a hot dog at Slows Bar BQ restaurant in Detroit.

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