December snowfall down nearly 9 inches from average for Metro Detroit

Jennifer Chambers
The Detroit News
A jogger makes his way down Main Street in downtown Royal Oak on Friday afternoon, while temperatures were in the 50s.

Detroit — It wasn't just your imagination: there was just a smidgen of snowfall in the month of December in Metro Detroit.

In fact, December was the 4th least snowiest month on record since the National Weather Service began keeping records dating back to the 1880s, meteorologist Alex Manion said on Tuesday.

 Metro Detroit had only five-tenths of an inch of snow fall during the entire 31 days, Manion said. The normal snowfall average is 9.6 inches.

"We are down almost nine inches from average," Manion said.

Precipitation for the month was 2.6 to 2.7 inches and included rain and a wet snowy mix.

"We were warm, so instead of falling as snow it fell as all rain or a wintry mix," Manion said.

The month was also warmer than normal but didn't set any records.

Manion said in December the average maximum high temperature in  Metro Detroit was 40.5 degrees and the average minimum low temperature was 28.5 degrees.

The normal high is 36.1 degrees and the normal low is 24.1 degrees, he said. The average temp for month was 34.5 degrees, with the normal average at 30.1

For the rest of the week, temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s through Thursday.  Metro Detroit will return to its warming trend on Friday with temperatures expected in the mid 40s for a high, Manion said.

There is a chance for some snow and rain for early next week.

Monday's rainstorm in Metro Detroit provided five to ten inches of snow in Gaylord, Traverse City and the Upper Peninsula, Manion said. 

"Storm systems are tracking north of us," he said. "We are in the warm sector and we got all rain."