Ann Arbor defeats plan to target deer hunt protesters

Associated Press

Ann Arbor – The Ann Arbor City Council has turned down a request to take action against protesters who are opposed to a special deer hunt.

The Ann Arbor News says protesters have appeared at sites where sharpshooters have been hired to kill up to 150 deer this month. The goal is to reduce the city’s high deer population.

Council member Jane Lumm wants the city attorney to issue tickets or file lawsuits to discourage the protests. But her proposal was defeated Monday, 6-5.

Council member Jeff Hayner says he won’t interfere with the rights of people who want to protest. He says they “feel unheard.”

Members of Friends of Ann Arbor Wildlife say they have quietly held signs after being warned not to interfere. But resident Stephen Kunselman, who supports the deer hunt, says people were honking horns at his property.