Port Huron – Speakers standing on each side of a lighting rack blasted Timmy Trumpet’s music through the living room of the Welch family’s Port Huron home.

Gunner Welch, 14, first got into DJing about a year ago. His family moved from Las Vegas to Port Huron fairly recently. He loved music and started DJing as a hobby with two speakers and a laptop. But his setup grew from there, and his hobby turned into a business.

“You know, this is quite fun, why not try and make a little money off it?” he said.

He performs as DJ Gunns.

Gunner got his big break performing at last year’s Port Huron Chilly Fest and more gigs followed. 

He does weddings, dances and other events. As his business grew, so did his rig. His two speakers and a laptop now include a second computer, lights, the frame that holds up the lights and more.

Gunner caters to a wide variety of audiences that include his classmates, senior citizens and anyone in between. He adjusts his playlists accordingly, tailoring it to the client’s tastes.

Welch sometimes spends six or seven hours before a gig figuring out the playlist, running it by the client and making edits. Top 40 pop hits are usually a favorite but his tastes run the gamut.

“I did my high school homecoming dance and they wanted more of the hip hop and techno stuff,” Welch said. “It all depends on the clients and what they like.”

Through the business, Gunner has learned lessons on managing money and working with clients. 

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